NYC FASHION M.A.D.E Fall 2018 Sewing Grant Program

Submissions are currently closed. Thank you for your interest.

Are you a NYC factory, designer or company that relies on well trained sewing talent? Are you looking to grow your team or to advance the skills of your current staff? If so, then apply below to our NYC Fashion M.A.D.E. grant program.


NYCFM offers grants to NYC fashion organizations to advance manufacturing skills.  These grants are paid out directly to local manufacturing companies to enhance the skills of their current employees and to local community training sites to help train new talent to join the NYC manufacturing sector.

To-date, we've worked with Fashion Institute of Technology, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, Course of Trade and The Women's Prison Association.

Fall 2018 Sewing Grant Details

NYCFM is giving out 5 training grants to teach sewing to either current or new employees at local fashion organizations, in-house studios and factories. All manufacturing companies are eligible to apply.  


  • NYC fashion organization

  • Organization's structure must include jobs in sewing

Selection Process

  1. Fill out the application below

  2. NYCFM will reach out to set up an introductory call to review your application and current sewing needs

  3. NYCFM will make arrangements with your company for an office or factory tour

  4. NYCFM will run 3 industry reference checks

* Grant amounts are not predetermined and will depend on the training curriculum and needs of the applicant. (Typical grants range from $1,000 - $5,000)


All New York-based companies are encouraged to apply below. Nominations are welcome. The deadline to submit your application is August 15th, 2018. Winners will be notified by September 15th and announced on October 1st.

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