Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator 

Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator 


We've given grants to the following educational programs to support the development of today's workforce. 


Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator Knitwear Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is a hands-on experience training people to program, operate and maintain computerized, digital knitting machines. This educational endeavor ensures the availability and success of an advanced manufacturing workforce in New York City.  Trainees will learn operation and maintenance of Shima Seiki knitting machines, software programming, how to read tech packs, linking and finishing.

Upon completion of the program graduates are given assistance with job placement.

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Fashion Institute of Technology Apparel Skills Courses

FIT offers apparel skills courses free of charge to anyone interested in working in the NYC fashion industry. Classes include Pattern Making, Sample Hand, Product Development & Introduction to Technical Design. The skills taught range from the most basic to a more comprehensive view of manufacturing. Students all begin with a prior knowledge of sewing and each course focuses on additional skills within the discipline, honing in on techniques for more complicated garments providing them the skills to be able to work within the local industry.

Course of Trade + Malia Mills + WPA

 Photo Credit: Avi Glickstein

Photo Credit: Avi Glickstein

Course of Trade is a non-profit offering free sewing instruction and job placement assistance in the garment industry.